In The Pot Swirl – Soap Challenge Club December 2018

Here’s my submission for this months Soap Challenge Club. I only had the time for one try – life has been quite crazy the past few months…

While I do like my entry, I must confess it’s not what I was going for. But as Amy Warden told us in the tutorial this method is very forgiving. Which is a really good thing this time around!

My inspiration for this month was a beautiful scarf a colleague of mine has. I forgot to get a picture of the scarf for my post – I’ll update that the next time I get a chance to. The scarf is a combination of green and purple with a bit of gold and black as well.

My mistake this time was not waiting for, what was supposed to be, my bottom solid green layer with a gold mica line to become setup enough for me to add my ITP swirl batter. The last few months I’ve worked had to learn about slow trace and forgot that I really didn’t need that this time – oops.

I almost exclusively make goats milk soap because I raise Nubian dairy goats (and the soap is just fantastic to use).  But it turns out that a lot of things are a bit harder in the home soap making world when using goats milk.  I have typically used iron oxides for colorant but this time I did use some micas.  Here is a picture just after I got my little cups of color mixed up.

[put photo here]

I totally forgot to take any pictures separating batter for the different colors, adding my mica line, pouring my colors “artfully” back into my pot, and after pouring it all into my log mold.  Sighs.

Since it’s almost time for the linkup to close I’m signing off now. I’ll update this post with more details about my make process soon….


  1. Your soap is so beautiful, Gwenn! Honestly, I think the uneven layer looks fantastic and the mica line just became a really nice veining throughout your soap! The colors are very rich and you should be very happy with the result!


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