The Smartest Goats!!

Baby goats, or kids as they are called, are so curious and cute.  Just like human kids, goat kids seems to find most anything is worth investing.  In the spring-time we typically have 10-12 kids running around the pasture and the barn.  We usually end up with one or two in the house as well.

IMG_0183 IMG_1127


This year one of our goats goat pregnant a second time in one year, almost right after she delivered her a set of twins in April.  Goat gestation last five months, and so they were born in late  Her second set of twins are now just twelve weeks old.  One doe kid and one buck kid, Emma and Edward, respectively.

For about the past week we have noticed that these particular kids have been trying to work out a way to get out of their pen.  We feed hay to all of our goats and sheep through-out the winter since the pastures are covered in snow.  These kids eat their hay out of a big blue tub – the kind that you’d use to serve beer and soda from at a summer party.  On Sunday evening when we went out to do evening chores we found that the kids had managed to turn over the tub and push it over to the side of their pen.  Little Emma was standing on her hind legs on the tub with her front hoofs on the top of the pen.  It was so darn cute!

I am fully expecting her to jump over the top any day now.

UPDATE: little Emma did it! She escaped from her pen last night – Monday, Feb. 16th – when I found her she was desperately trying to find a way back in – ha ha.

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